Learners Methodology

Where every Learner is a Leader
Learners Global School “assures” Students look into the Future for Opportunities by Effective Learning of Foundations of a Subject.

We help students to achieve desired goals through our programs that leverage on building conceptual understanding of the subject. We believe that the only shortcut to success is a strong footing in fundamentals.

  • Assurance that students develop a very strong understanding of the basic concepts of a subject.
  • Assurance to our students to develop very strong analytical thinking and problem solving competencies.
  • Assurance that our students exhibit quick alignment into a better world and better future.
  • Assurance that our students would become independent and confident to face better challenges in their life and be better prepared.

“Do You Experience the below Symptoms while Learning..?”

“Using Learners Methodology you will Learn How to Break the Learning Barriers and Experience the Joy of Learning”

Study Technology

Study Technology involves careful observation and discovery of Learning barriers of Students & helping them to overcome by addressing the specific problem. It enables students to study effectively and become Independent Learners.

Mind Map

A Mind Map is a creative way of Notes taking Methodology using Keywords in a Pictorial Form. It helps to store Information in a non-linear way, in alignment with the way Brain Cells are Organized. It helps to Revise and Recall the Topic Quickly.

5W1H Framework

To help students process the New Knowledge in an easily absorbable form, we have a very Successful and Powerful Learning Framework – 5W1H. Students understand a concept by asking simple questions 5Ws- What?, Where?, When?, Who?, Why? & 1H-How?

Hybrid Learning Model

While we believe that Online Learning provides a high level of simulation that can be tailored to Learner’s needs, we also believe in the power of one-to-one interaction between Student and Mentor.

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